6 Week Cohort: Contracts is Making an Impact with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

6 Week Cohort: Contracts is Making an Impact with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

The 6-week cohort presented by the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce with Dr. Angela K. Chambers is off to a great start. Attendees were engaged as Dr. Chambers discussed the process of registering with the System Awards Management (SAM) on Monday night. They were able to glean from Dr. Chambers’ experienced knowledge as she shared her insights about bidding on and working on various contracts.

Dr. Chambers shared and discussed different strategies, outlining processes from researching, data gathering, pricing,v management, reporting, and tracking the work for future endeavors. She also highlighted various entities with contract opportunities.  Dr. Chambers shared over 100 opportunities for contracting, and that was just a short list.

Attendees learned and even registered with SAM. Dr. Chambers also announced the upcoming week’s subjects and guest speakers. For Monday, December 18, 2023, Faith Matlock Johnson, the founder of Gabby Dade and Co., a tax and accounting boutique, will be speaking. Faith has received many accolades and has Level 3 Government Accounting Certifications from The Catalyst Entrepreneur Group in Huntsville, Alabama.

Known for her ability to save clients thousands of tax dollars, create tax plans, and assist companies in scaling, Faith plays a pivotal role in supporting underserved communities and minority-owned businesses, promoting financial literacy and sustainable growth.

The 6-week Cohort Contracts meets on Mondays from 6pm to 7:30 PM. A few spaces are still available, and attendees can register online at https://square.link/u/3BtjkpHW. The investment for the course is $997.

Dr. Angela K. Chambers says, “The goal is to obtain contracts, collaborate, and change the dynamics for minority-owned businesses in the Tulsa Metro.” Attendees are urged to bring their laptops, FEIN, certifications, articles of incorporation, operating agreement, and other business documents.

Is your business positioned to grow with contracts? Invest in learning about contracts and the process for bidding and performing.

President of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Dr. Freeman Culver expressed, “We are delighted to host this cohort with Dr. Chambers. We know that she is passionate about helping to rebuild this historic Greenwood District and help minority-owned businesses grow with contracts. She has successfully bid and performed on a number of six-figure contracts.”

“Dr. Chambers is sharing wisdom, knowledge, and her personal experiences with contracting, which makes it extremely easy to understand and get excited about the possibilities. To know that she and her husband, Tim Chambers, have been winning and performing on contracts for over a decade is impressive. I pray that people will see this course as a necessary investment for their business,” stated Dr. Francetta L. Mays, President of the NAACP Tulsa Branch 6143-B.

For more information, please contact Angela K. Chambers LLC via email at info@angelakchambers.online. Register soon as possible, the class is filling up.

Dr. Angela K. Chambers to Assist Small Business Owners with Contracting Services

A free event hosted by the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc. will provide valuable information to entrepreneurs and business owners regarding the upcoming 6 Week Contracting Cohort with Dr. Angela K. Chambers. Mark your calendars for the Mixer on Monday, December 4, 2023, at 6:30 PM in the historic Greenwood District.

During the event, Dr. Chambers and her team will share important details about the cohort, which is set to begin on December 11, 2023, and conclude on February 5, 2023. Business owners and entrepreneurs attending the Mixer can expect to gain insights into contracting, bidding strategies, understanding the bidding process, and more.

To secure your spot at the Mixer, please RSVP by emailing angela@thegreenwoodbeat.com. Further information about the event will be shared with those who RSVP.angela@thegreenwoodbeat.com

Dr. Chambers and Dr. Freeman Culver, President of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc., have recognized the need for assistance regarding opportunities for grow to small black-owned businesses. In November, the US Small Business Administration Deputy Administrator Syed visited the historic Greenwood District for a round table discussion at the Greenwood Women’s Business Center. Deputy Syed expressed his pleasure in meeting Dr. Chambers and his excitement about the upcoming cohort and partnership with the Chamber. He particularly emphasized the importance of informing and supporting the black-owned business community in the historic Greenwood District, specifically regarding bidding on government contracts, especially those designated as “set aside” for various demographics or groups.

To learn more about the upcoming series of cohorts, please RSVP to attend the FREE Mixer. Email: angela@thegreenwoodbeat.com.