CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat 2023 Finale

CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat 2023 Finale

Come out and celebrate with CEO’s for CEO’s Night Out. Tonight is the last CEO’s Night Out event of 2023 and it’s going to be another spectacular evening. Katina Walker, founder, is excited to celebrate another year since starting this journey. She knew she needed to find support and peers on her entrepreneurial journey as she had questions herself.

CEO’s Night Out has been meeting monthly and is going out with a bang. CEO’s, vendors, and others are gathering at the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Hotel in Tulsa to exchange ideas, support one another through commerce, and discuss available resources. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals in the business community.

CEO’s Night Out is a platform that brings together CEOs from various industries, allowing them to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. It’s a space where entrepreneurs can learn from each other, gain valuable insights, and build meaningful connections. The event provides a supportive environment for CEOs to discuss their ideas, seek advice, and collaborate on potential business opportunities.

As the year comes to a close, Katina and business partner, Dr. Angela K.  Chambers will share information about 2024! This finale adds an extra layer of excitement to the event. This special edition of CEO’s Night Out will feature a presentation by Mrs. Walker. Attendees can expect a lively atmosphere, and engaging conversations.

Whether you’re a seasoned CEO or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, CEO’s Night Out offers a valuable platform to connect with like-minded individuals, expand your network, and gain insights that can help you grow your business. Don’t miss out on this final event of 2023!

Get in the room with business owner Marilyn Augustine as she shares information and inspiration as tonight’s guest speaker.

Join us at the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Hotel Tulsa, Oklahoma. 415 S Boston Ave., 2nd Floor. The event ends at 7pm.