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A New Soul Food Restaurant Opens its Doors in Tulsa (Updated – 6/13/23)

A New Soul Food Restaurant Opens its Doors in Tulsa: GCC and Advisory Board Attend the Soft Opening


UPDATE: This post has been updated to correct the information shared. For clarification, The Greenwood Beat – WFPG is NOT connected to the Fixins’ restaurant in any manner other than enjoying the delicious food. The Greenwood Beat – WFPG apologies for the error in the previous published post, respectively. (6/13/23)


Fixins Soul Kitchen is a new addition to businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is located in the historic Greenwood District, aka the original Black Wall Street. The restaurant owner, Kevin Johnson, invited Dr. Freeman Culver of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and the members of advisory board “Greater Tulsa Coalition for Historic North Greenwood Avenue” including Angela K. Chambers to the soft opening.

Angela K. Chambers is also the founder of The Greenwood Beat – WFPG radio station which is a part of the new restaurant’s Advisory Board.

About the Fixins Soul Kitchen

The former NBA player and the former mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Maurice Johnson has launched a new branch of his restaurant, Fixins Soul Kitchen in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The full-service soul food restaurant brings authentic food options from the African American culture in a warm environment. The restaurant has made its name in Sacramento, California and Los Angeles and is now all set to cater to Tulsa city.

The soft opening of the new facility was arranged on Wednesday, 31st May with ribbon cutting ceremony at 4:30 PM.

GCC Advisory Board Attended the Opening Day

Dr. Freeman Culver, the President and CEO of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce was invited to the soft opening day. Along with him, the advisory board “Greater Tulsa Coalition for Historic North Greenwood Avenue” also attended the opening at the invitation of the restaurant owner.

The new radio station of Tulsa, “The Greenwood Beat – WFPG” attended the soft opening. It’s a local radio station that started its broadcast on June 8th, 2023. With its primary focus on shedding light on problems in the community and creating better opportunities for people, the radio station is bringing programming for audience of different age groups.

Now, the advisory board of GCC, Greater Tulsa Coalition for Historic North Greenwood Avenue are invited to attend the restaurant’s soft opening by owner, Kevin Johnson.

The Greenwood Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting businesses in the community and assisting them with accessing resources needed for flourishing.

Refocused & Informed is BACK!!!!

Refocused & Informed – The Radio Talk Show is Back!

Refocused & Informed Radio Talk Show had a successful run on KBOB 89.9 FM since 2021. After a brief hiatus, we are excited to announce that your favorite talk show is relaunching on our brand new platform, The Greenwood Beat – WFPG.

The Greenwood Beat is an upcoming radio station that was established to honor Grandma “Tee”, Wilma Factory Phifer Green. The radio station will give a voice to the people of Tulsa and talk about community-centric topics.

We are in the process of finalizing operations. So, the talk show will officially start its broadcast in time for Juneteenth on June 8th, 2023. Tune in to the show on Thursday from 2-3 PM CST.

Meet the Hosts

Angela K. Chambers is the host of Refocused & Informed Radio Talk Show. Francetta L. Mays will join her as a co-host on the show.

RIRTS show will focus on the most important topic for our community – Justice!

Our hosts will invite special guests every week to talk about the need for justice and solutions to bring an end to injustice in Oklahoma’s legal system. Also, the talk show will feature passionate business owners and non-profit members who are making an impact with their unique organizations.

The first episode will go live on Thursday, June 8 where hosts will talk about the newly-launched radio platform and the show.

Special Guests

On June 15th, Sondia Bell of Rate My Attorney will appear as a guest.