Former Councilman Joe Williams Announces Candidacy for Oklahoma State Representative – District 73

Former Councilman Joe Williams Announces Candidacy for Oklahoma State Representative – District 73

After discussions of the start and successful operation of the 100 Black Women Tulsa organization, Joe Williams has announced that he will be seeking election for State Representative in District 73. With a strong track record of public service, Joe Williams brings a wealth of experience and a dedication to improving the lives of the people in his community

Hosts’ of Refocused and Informed radio talk show Dr. Angela K Chambers and Dr. Francetta L Mays interview Mr. Williams on their show on Thursday. Refocused and Informed is a syndicated show hosted on The Greenwood Beat – WFPG. In its second season, the show focuses on “Justice.”

Joe Williams served as a city councilman for District 1 in Tulsa, where he demonstrated his commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of his constituents. During his tenure, he worked tirelessly to promote economic development, enhance educational opportunities, and create jobs. His efforts were recognized by the community, earning him the respect and support of his fellow council members.

In addition to his role as a city councilman, Joe Williams also served as the Branch President of the Tulsa NAACP and as the President of the Oklahoma State Committee NAACP. Through these positions, he fought tirelessly for social justice, equality, and the empowerment of marginalized communities. His leadership and advocacy have made a significant impact on the lives of many individuals.

Joe Williams has been a dedicated member of the Tulsa community, working diligently to keep hope alive and fight against injustices. He believes in the power of unity and the need for change for the betterment of all. As Oklahoma State Representative for District 73, Joe will continue to focus on key issues such as education, commerce, and job creation.

Education is a top priority for Joe Williams. He understands the importance of providing quality education to all children, regardless of their background or circumstances. He will work to ensure that every student has access to a safe and nurturing learning environment, as well as the resources and support they need to succeed.

Commerce and job creation are also central to Joe Williams’ platform. He recognizes the vital role that small businesses play in driving economic growth and creating employment opportunities. Joe will work to attract new businesses to the district, promote entrepreneurship, and support initiatives that foster job growth.

Joe Williams’ announcement has generated excitement and support from the community. His proven track record of leadership, dedication, and service make him an ideal candidate for Oklahoma State Representative – District 73. With his passion for making a difference and his commitment to the people he represents, Joe Williams is ready to bring about positive change and work towards a brighter future for all.

The primary election will be held on June 18th 2024. General election will be held November 5th 2024. The hosts encouraged everyone to get registered to vote now.

Former Councilman Joe Williams to Appear on the Greenwood Beat Radio Talk Show

Former councilman Joe Williams will be making a special appearance on the popular radio talk show, “Refocused and Informed” on The Greenwood Beat – WFPG hosted by Dr. Angela K Chambers and Dr. Francetta L. Mays. The show will focus on the north community, justice, and what’s next for the councilman.

Joe Williams, who served as the councilman for the City of Tulsa District 1, has been an influential figure in the community for many years. He has also previously served as the President of the NAACP Tulsa Branch, advocating for the rights and welfare of the African American community.

Refocused and Informed, known for its insightful discussions and engaging guests, is the perfect platform for Joe Williams to share his thoughts and experiences. Listeners can expect a thought-provoking conversation that delves into the challenges faced by the north community and the importance of justice.

During the show, Dr. Angela K Chambers and Dr. Francetta L. Mays will engage in a candid discussion with Joe Williams, exploring his journey as a councilman and his vision for the future. They will also touch upon the role of community leaders in addressing the needs of the north community and promoting equality and fairness.

Joe Williams’ appearance on ‘Refocused and Informed’ comes at a crucial time when communities across the nation are grappling with issues of social justice and inequality. As a former councilman and a respected community leader, his insights and perspectives will undoubtedly shed light on the path forward.

Listeners can stream online to ‘Refocused and Informed’ via the website at, Apple Music or TuneIn radio app. The show will not only inform and educate but also inspire individuals to take action and make a positive difference in their own communities.