Former Councilman Joe Williams Announces Candidacy for Oklahoma State Representative – District 73

Former Councilman Joe Williams Announces Candidacy for Oklahoma State Representative – District 73

After discussions of the start and successful operation of the 100 Black Women Tulsa organization, Joe Williams has announced that he will be seeking election for State Representative in District 73. With a strong track record of public service, Joe Williams brings a wealth of experience and a dedication to improving the lives of the people in his community

Hosts’ of Refocused and Informed radio talk show Dr. Angela K Chambers and Dr. Francetta L Mays interview Mr. Williams on their show on Thursday. Refocused and Informed is a syndicated show hosted on The Greenwood Beat – WFPG. In its second season, the show focuses on “Justice.”

Joe Williams served as a city councilman for District 1 in Tulsa, where he demonstrated his commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of his constituents. During his tenure, he worked tirelessly to promote economic development, enhance educational opportunities, and create jobs. His efforts were recognized by the community, earning him the respect and support of his fellow council members.

In addition to his role as a city councilman, Joe Williams also served as the Branch President of the Tulsa NAACP and as the President of the Oklahoma State Committee NAACP. Through these positions, he fought tirelessly for social justice, equality, and the empowerment of marginalized communities. His leadership and advocacy have made a significant impact on the lives of many individuals.

Joe Williams has been a dedicated member of the Tulsa community, working diligently to keep hope alive and fight against injustices. He believes in the power of unity and the need for change for the betterment of all. As Oklahoma State Representative for District 73, Joe will continue to focus on key issues such as education, commerce, and job creation.

Education is a top priority for Joe Williams. He understands the importance of providing quality education to all children, regardless of their background or circumstances. He will work to ensure that every student has access to a safe and nurturing learning environment, as well as the resources and support they need to succeed.

Commerce and job creation are also central to Joe Williams’ platform. He recognizes the vital role that small businesses play in driving economic growth and creating employment opportunities. Joe will work to attract new businesses to the district, promote entrepreneurship, and support initiatives that foster job growth.

Joe Williams’ announcement has generated excitement and support from the community. His proven track record of leadership, dedication, and service make him an ideal candidate for Oklahoma State Representative – District 73. With his passion for making a difference and his commitment to the people he represents, Joe Williams is ready to bring about positive change and work towards a brighter future for all.

The primary election will be held on June 18th 2024. General election will be held November 5th 2024. The hosts encouraged everyone to get registered to vote now.

Francetta L. Mays: A Strong Contender for President of the NAACP Oklahoma State Conference

Francetta L. Mays has responded to the call of her loyal supporters and knew that she had to run for the prestigious position of President of the NAACP Oklahoma State Conference. With her unwavering commitment to social justice and equality, Mays is determined to make a significant impact on the lives of the people she represents.

After submitting her nomination before the deadline, Francetta L. Mays successfully secured her spot for the upcoming election. This achievement not only validates her dedication and hard work but also highlights the trust and confidence that her supporters have in her leadership abilities.

As the current leader of the Tulsa Branch, Francetta L. Mays has already proven herself to be one that doesn’t give up easily, capable and effective advocate for the rights of the African American community. Under her guidance, the Tulsa Branch has grown substantially. She continues to build relationships with leaders who are passionate about the good fight.  Committees are working to implement various initiatives aimed at combating racial discrimination, promoting education, and empowering individuals.

If elected as the President of the NAACP Oklahoma State Conference, Mays plans to build solid and effective teams and take the organization to new heights. She envisions a future where every member of the community feels heard, valued, and represented.

Francetta L. Mays’ campaign is centered around the core values of inclusivity, justice, education, and progress. She believes in creating a society where everyone has equal opportunities and access to resources, regardless of their race or background.

With her extensive experience, strong leadership skills, and unwavering determination, Francetta L. Mays is undoubtedly a formidable contender for the position of President of the NAACP Oklahoma State Conference. Her track record and her passion for social change make her an ideal candidate to lead the organization and bring about meaningful, positive change for the people of Oklahoma.

The Greenwood Beat WFPG is Back and Better Than Ever

The Greenwood Beat – WFPG is back in full operation. According to CEO Angela K. Chambers, the station was silent early Sunday morning during the time we should have been hearing some of these good old-school gospels Francetta L. Mays like in rotation. After a bit of research, it was discovered that the station was, in fact, down. Initially, it was suspected that it was isolated to WFPG; however, Francetta was advised that more stations were affected.

After a few texts, calls, and emails, the station was back online and playing some of those favorite tunes. Fans of The Greenwood Beat can now rejoice as the station is back and better than ever.

Angela K. Chambers, the CEO, expressed her gratitude to the loyal listeners for their patience and support during the downtime. She also mentioned that steps have been taken to ensure such technical issues do not happen again.

The Greenwood Beat – WFPG Must be Getting Something Right

Early Sunday morning, the Greenwood Beat radio station fell victim to a cyber attack, leaving their system compromised. However, the dedicated team worked tirelessly to restore the station and successfully got it back up and running on the TuneIn radio app.

Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived as an error occurred on the app early Monday morning. Angela K Chambers, the Chief Operating Officer, expressed her determination to resolve the issue, stating, “I want to make sure that we’re up and running before I give updates. All I can say is, we must be doing something right if someone wants to hack our station. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to our loyal listeners, especially those who tune in on Sundays.”

The Greenwood Beat has become known for its Sunday morning lineup, featuring Francetta L Mays’ Sunday Morning Old-School Gospels, national recording artist Shonda English’s The Old Landmark Gospel Hour, and Minister Alvin Muhammad’s Trumpet on Greenwood. It is disheartening that these shows have been disrupted, as they have become a staple for many listeners.

However, Angela Chambers finds solace in her faith, believing that the challenges faced by the station were known to the God she serves. She reassures the listeners that she will keep them updated on the progress of resolving the issue. The team is working tirelessly to get the station back on track.

Chambers expressed her gratitude to both the loyal listeners and occasional drop-ins, stating, “The Greenwood Beat is making waves in the airways, and we will continue to do so. Don’t count us out.”

Technical Difficulties at The Greenwood Beat – WFPG Radio

The Chief Executive Officer of The Greenwood Beat – WFPG Radio, Angela K. Chambers, recently took to Facebook to inform listeners that the station is currently facing technical difficulties. In a heartfelt post, Chambers expressed her faith and belief in God’s plan, stating, “WE PRAISE YOU LORD! We know that you have a plan that is much better! On that note: The Greenwood Beat – WFPG is currently under attack and is down. We apologize for the inconvenience. We know this too shall pass! We believe in God’s plan even for this moment. WE STILL REJOICE! Have a blessed Sunday!! (We will be back)”

Chambers assured the station’s listeners that they are working diligently to resolve the issues and get back on air as soon as possible. While the exact nature of the technical difficulties was not disclosed, it is clear that The Greenwood Beat – WFPG is facing some challenges.

Despite the setback, Chambers remains positive and optimistic, expressing gratitude for the support the station has received. She promised to provide updates on the situation and thanked the listeners for their understanding and patience.

The Greenwood Beat – WFPG Radio has been a beloved part of the community, providing entertainment, news, and music to its listeners. The station has faced challenges in the past, but has always managed to overcome them and continue serving the community.

As we await further updates on the station’s status, let us show our support and keep The Greenwood Beat – WFPG Radio in our thoughts and prayers. We are confident that the station will soon be up and running again, providing the high-quality content that its listeners have come to expect.