Let’s support the first black female-owned radio station in Oklahoma!

Let’s support the first black female-owned radio station in Oklahoma! The Greenwood Beat – WFPG


WFPG launched June 8, 2023 in the Historic Greenwood District AKA The Original Black Wall Street located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All eyes are on Greenwood after Americans are learning and sharing the story of the 1921 Race Massacre that happened in Tulsa on Greenwood, which destroyed 35 square miles of black owned businesses and homes.

Dr. Angela K. Chambers started The Greenwood Beat – WFPG with friend, business partner and prayer warrior partner Dr. Francetta L. Mays. Together they have created an amazing platform to aid in bridging the community, families, organizations and agencies for a better Tulsa for all.

The station has programming for 24/7, 365 days per year consisting of music, radio shows, inspiration, education, history and sports.

Both ladies host the Refocused and Informed Radio Talk Show, which is the anchor show. Angela serves as the Chief Executive Officer and recently surprised Francetta, Chief Operations Officer and listeners with the news of the show’s syndication.


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The Greenwood Beat – WFPG Hitting the Streets

The Greenwood Beat – WFPG Hitting the Streets


Be on the lookout in those Greenwood streets for The Greenwood Beat- WFPG! We can’t wait to meet you!! We will be in the front of the Historic Vernon AME Church talking to people about Tulsa, Juneteenth, their businesses and family! Stop by and show your support for the first black-woman owned radio station on Greenwood.  Don’t be shy now!

At 10:30 we will ALREADY be at the Greenwood courtyard for the Official Juneteenth After Party featuring Monifah and Urban Mystic! Hosted by The Historic Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, The Greenwood Women Business Center and Greenwood Whiskey! What an AMAZING party this shall be!! This event is FREE!!


Be safe. Drink responsibly. Enjoy.