This June, Dr. Nikki Harris, host of the Refocused & Informed Radio Talk Show, has dedicated the entire month to embracing and celebrating fatherhood. Airing weekly on Thursdays at 2 PM CST on The Greenwood BeatWFPG, this special series, Fatherhood: Wounds Bondages Healing and Blessing, aims to recognize the vital role fathers play in our lives and communities. Each episode will explore different themes related to fatherhood, from the challenges and triumphs to the unique bonds shared between fathers and their children. Listeners can expect heartfelt stories, insightful interviews, and expert advice that honors the essence of fatherhood.

Dr. Harris, a recent addition to The Greenwood Beat family, has quickly become a cherished host thanks to her profound knowledge and compassionate approach. Through Refocused & Informed, she tackles a variety of topics with love at their core, fostering a space where listeners can find support, understanding, and inspiration. Her dedication to uplifting and enlightening her audience has made her a beacon of wisdom and empathy, resonating with people both locally and globally.

WFPG is thrilled to have Dr. Harris onboard, recognizing her as a tremendous asset to their programming. Her expertise and heartfelt delivery enrich the station’s offerings, ensuring that listeners receive not only information but also a sense of community and connection. As we celebrate fathers this June, tune in to Refocused & Informed and join Dr. Harris in honoring the men who shape our lives with their strength, love, and unwavering support.

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