Kick it into High Gear in Advertising for the Holidays with CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat – WFPG

Kick it into High Gear in Advertising for the Holidays with CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat – WFPG

 The holiday season is a time of increased sales and traffic for businesses, especially in the advertising industry. To make the most of this opportunity, CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat is offering unique and effective advertising.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • CEO’s Night Out is a well-known networking group that brings together CEOs and other high-level executives. By partnering with them, businesses can gain access to a wide range of potential clients and partners.
  • The Greenwood Beat – WFPG, Oklahoma’s first black, women-owned radio station with a growing following locally and internationally.
  • Combining these two elements – networking and music – creates a powerful and effective advertising strategy that can help businesses stand out during the holiday season.
  • This partnership can be leveraged in a variety of ways, including extending opportunities for CEO’s to present and engage with other CEO’s by hosting webinars on the CEO’s platform and networking opportunities with CEO’s Night Out members.
  • By tapping into the energy and excitement of the holiday season, businesses can use this partnership to boost their sales and reach new customers.

Overall, the combination of CEO’s Night Out and The Greenwood Beat is a unique and compelling way for businesses to kick their advertising efforts into high gear this holiday season. See the following Black Friday Deals:

CEO’s Night Out Advertise with us on Social Media  $15.00

CEO December Vendor $35.00

CEO Host A Webinar $50.00

CEO’s Night Out Presenter Sponsorship $250.00

CEO Donation any Amount


All sales are final. No refunds.

By continuing to this purchase, you are consenting to agreeing with the terms of the purchase.

CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat – A Night of Inspiration and Wellness

October 14, 2023, marks a special date for the CEO’s Night Out as it moves to the historic Greenwood District at The Greenwood Beat – WFPG. This month’s event features a remarkable guest speaker, DuEwa Gordon, businesswoman and CEO of Iscents Candles. With a mission to promote wellness in communities through aromatherapy, Gordon will share her expertise on aromatherapy for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs often face high-stress levels, juggling multiple responsibilities and constantly striving for success. Incorporating aromatherapy into their daily lives can be a powerful tool to energize their spirits, create moments of stress relief, and encourage mental wellness. During the CEO’s Night Out, participants will have the opportunity to learn from Gordon’s wisdom and discover how aromatherapy can benefit their personal and professional lives.

Katina Walker, the visionary behind CEO’s Night Out, recognized the need for a space where entrepreneurs could come together, share their products and services, and find relaxation in a supportive environment. What started as a small gathering quickly became a highly anticipated monthly event for CEOs from all industries.

Collaborating with The Greenwood Beat – WFPG, the first black, women-owned radio station in Oklahoma, has allowed CEO’s Night Out to reach an even wider audience. By hosting the event at The Greenwood Beat – WFPG’s location in the historic Greenwood District, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the rich history and significance of the area.

The historic Greenwood District, or “The Original Black Wall Street,” holds a powerful story. In 1921, it was tragically destroyed by an angry white mob. Today, WFPG is dedicated to giving a voice to Greenwood and supporting the efforts of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc. in rebuilding the business district. President Dr. Freeman Culver and the Board have proven to be great stewards and diligent workers to preserve and grow the legacy for future generations. 

CEOs, artists, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend this free event, which promises to be inspiring and informative. To secure a spot, RSVP for the event on Eventbrite at the following link:

Also, register and attend The 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March & Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show October 13th – 15th in the Greenwood District, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Are you the CEO? Would you like to share your journey, share your products or services, and be a part of this robust network of CEO’s? Email us: