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The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace: A Vibrant Gathering in Historic Greenwood

Come down to historic Greenwood District for The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace! It’s happening now until 4pm. The Greenwood Beat – WFPG featuring DJ Phatkat is creating one heck of a vibe on Greenwood.

The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace takes place every Saturday in the Courtyard on Greenwood from 11 am to 4 pm. This vibrant event brings together local vendors and food truck operators, who are encouraged to come out and display their products or services.

Locals, out-of-towners, and tourists alike frequent historic Greenwood intentionally, supporting the area and its businesses. The lively atmosphere, with DJ Phatkat spinning the beats, adds to the charm of the marketplace.

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace, sign up now at Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this exciting community event and showcase your offerings to a diverse and engaged audience!



Kick it into High Gear in Advertising for the Holidays with CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat – WFPG

Kick it into High Gear in Advertising for the Holidays with CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat – WFPG

 The holiday season is a time of increased sales and traffic for businesses, especially in the advertising industry. To make the most of this opportunity, CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat is offering unique and effective advertising.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • CEO’s Night Out is a well-known networking group that brings together CEOs and other high-level executives. By partnering with them, businesses can gain access to a wide range of potential clients and partners.
  • The Greenwood Beat – WFPG, Oklahoma’s first black, women-owned radio station with a growing following locally and internationally.
  • Combining these two elements – networking and music – creates a powerful and effective advertising strategy that can help businesses stand out during the holiday season.
  • This partnership can be leveraged in a variety of ways, including extending opportunities for CEO’s to present and engage with other CEO’s by hosting webinars on the CEO’s platform and networking opportunities with CEO’s Night Out members.
  • By tapping into the energy and excitement of the holiday season, businesses can use this partnership to boost their sales and reach new customers.

Overall, the combination of CEO’s Night Out and The Greenwood Beat is a unique and compelling way for businesses to kick their advertising efforts into high gear this holiday season. See the following Black Friday Deals:

CEO’s Night Out Advertise with us on Social Media  $15.00

CEO December Vendor $35.00

CEO Host A Webinar $50.00

CEO’s Night Out Presenter Sponsorship $250.00

CEO Donation any Amount


All sales are final. No refunds.

By continuing to this purchase, you are consenting to agreeing with the terms of the purchase.

CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat – A Night of Inspiration and Wellness

October 14, 2023, marks a special date for the CEO’s Night Out as it moves to the historic Greenwood District at The Greenwood Beat – WFPG. This month’s event features a remarkable guest speaker, DuEwa Gordon, businesswoman and CEO of Iscents Candles. With a mission to promote wellness in communities through aromatherapy, Gordon will share her expertise on aromatherapy for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs often face high-stress levels, juggling multiple responsibilities and constantly striving for success. Incorporating aromatherapy into their daily lives can be a powerful tool to energize their spirits, create moments of stress relief, and encourage mental wellness. During the CEO’s Night Out, participants will have the opportunity to learn from Gordon’s wisdom and discover how aromatherapy can benefit their personal and professional lives.

Katina Walker, the visionary behind CEO’s Night Out, recognized the need for a space where entrepreneurs could come together, share their products and services, and find relaxation in a supportive environment. What started as a small gathering quickly became a highly anticipated monthly event for CEOs from all industries.

Collaborating with The Greenwood Beat – WFPG, the first black, women-owned radio station in Oklahoma, has allowed CEO’s Night Out to reach an even wider audience. By hosting the event at The Greenwood Beat – WFPG’s location in the historic Greenwood District, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the rich history and significance of the area.

The historic Greenwood District, or “The Original Black Wall Street,” holds a powerful story. In 1921, it was tragically destroyed by an angry white mob. Today, WFPG is dedicated to giving a voice to Greenwood and supporting the efforts of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc. in rebuilding the business district. President Dr. Freeman Culver and the Board have proven to be great stewards and diligent workers to preserve and grow the legacy for future generations. 

CEOs, artists, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend this free event, which promises to be inspiring and informative. To secure a spot, RSVP for the event on Eventbrite at the following link:

Also, register and attend The 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March & Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show October 13th – 15th in the Greenwood District, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Are you the CEO? Would you like to share your journey, share your products or services, and be a part of this robust network of CEO’s? Email us:




Plans for The 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show

The 28th anniversary of the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show is right around the corner, and enthusiasts from all over the country are gearing up for this highly anticipated event. This year’s rally promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with a variety of activities planned to celebrate this momentous occasion.

One of the highlights of the rally will be the Ride Out: Black Town Tour, where riders will gather together to showcase their bikes and ride in unison from town to town. This is a sight to behold, as hundreds of motorcycles of all shapes and sizes come together to create an impressive spectacle. The tour will be led by a special guest, who will be announced closer to the event date.

In addition to the tour, there will be a range of other activities taking place throughout the day. Attendees can look forward to live music performances, food vendors offering a variety of delicious options, and an array of merchandise stalls where they can purchase products from store fronts and vendors.

For those who are interested in the history of the Million Man March, there will also be a Community Peace Rally where attendees can learn more about the origins and significance of this important event.

As always, safety is a top priority at the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally. The event organizers have partnered with local agencies to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to keep participants and spectators safe. Riders are encouraged to wear appropriate safety gear, and there will be designated VIP areas for parking for registered guests and first aid support.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or simply have an interest in motorcycles, the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally is an event not to be missed. It’s a chance to come together with like-minded individuals, celebrate the rich history of motorcycle culture, and enjoy a day filled with excitement and camaraderie.

This inaugural fundraiser event will kick off on October 13 – 15, 2023.

The Schedule of Events:

Friday, October 13, 2023

4 pm Gates Open

5 pm The Greenwood Beat – WFPG: GAP Band Hour


8 pm LIVE Entertainment: OG Wacha & Haba

          HEADLINER: Ms. Val and The Wall Street Band

9 pm 80’s Old-School Block Party + DJ Phatkat

Saturday, October 14, 2023

8 am Gates Open  

9 am Ride Out Bike Tour (Disperse from Greenwood)

          Rentiesville, Summit, Taft, and Tullahassee

6 pm Tulsa’s Premier Swing Out Dance Class: Tulsa Steppers 

8 pm 90’s Old-School Block Party – DJ Phatkat

Sunday, October 15, 2023

8 am Gates Open 

2 pm Community Peace Rally

4 pm Bike Show

          Categories: Custom, Original and Modified


Registration for the event is encouraged to access the VIP areas during the rally such as:

  • Biker Street Parking on Greenwood between Archer and I-244 Bridge 
  • VIP – Stage Area
  • Exclusive Cocktails and Cigars $5 Cover (Open 7 pm Friday & Saturday Night)

Individual tickets REGISTER HERE 

*Motorcycle Clubs or Groups REGISTER HERE 


*Register 10 members for $25 each. Registering more than 10 members, email us:


Limited Food Trucks spots are available. Act Fast! Food Trucks space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Secure your spot with $500 payment and contract via. Sign up HERE.

Vendor opportunities are still available for $250 for three days of vending! Sign up HERE.  Secure your spot today for the best locations! 

For more information please email us:

Let’s have a GREAT time! See ya soon!!

Introducing The Greenwood Beat – WFPG’s New Radio Show

We are thrilled to announce the exciting addition of a new radio show to The Greenwood Beat – WFPG lineup. Join us in welcoming Michael ‘Dee’ Pennington-DeVine, the host of this captivating show that is set to take the airwaves by storm. The show: #Mike Dee in the Mornin’ will premier on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 7 AM CST. Listen to the show live online at, on Apple Music or on the TuneIn radio app weekly.

The Greenwood Beat – WFPG has always been dedicated to bringing our listeners the very best in entertainment and information. With the introduction of this new show, we are taking that commitment even further. DeVine, a seasoned radio personality with a wealth of knowledge and experience, will be sharing his unique perspective on a wide range of topics that are sure to captivate and engage our audience.

From music to pop culture, current events to personal stories, DeVine will be diving deep into subjects that matter to our listeners. His charismatic personality and natural ability to connect with people will make each episode a must-listen.

As part of our commitment to providing diverse and inclusive content, DeVine will be featuring a wide array of guests on his show. From up-and-coming  gospel rap artists to industry veterans, he will be bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to the airwaves.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tune in to The Greenwood Beat – WFPG and join us in welcoming Michael ‘Dee’ Pennington-DeVine to our radio family. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements about this exciting new show.

The Story of The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace

The History of Black Wall Street

HBO is currently filming a new documentary titled ‘Black Wall Street Forever: The Story of the Greenwood District and the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc. This documentary aims to shed light on the historic Greenwood District and its significance as the original Black Wall Street. As part of their filming, HBO is showcasing The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace (TOBWSMM), a collaborative effort between The Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, TCLiving & Marketing, and The Greenwood Beat – WFPG.

Understanding the Greenwood District

The Greenwood District, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was once a thriving African-American community in the early 20th century. It was home to various businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and more. This thriving economic hub earned the nickname ‘Black Wall Street’ due to its prosperity and success.

The Tragedy of the Tulsa Race Massacre

However, the success and prosperity of the Greenwood District came to a devastating halt in 1921 during the Tulsa Race Massacre. A racially motivated attack led to the destruction of the entire district, leaving thousands of African-American residents homeless and countless businesses in ruins.

Rebuilding and Remembering

Despite the destruction caused by the Tulsa Race Massacre, the spirit of the Greenwood District persevered. The community rallied together to rebuild and restore their once-thriving neighborhood. Today, efforts are being made to commemorate the history and resilience of Black Wall Street by the current board led by President Dr. Freeman Culver through initiatives like The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace and The 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show.

The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace

The TOBWSMM is a platform that showcases and supports black-owned businesses, both locally and nationally. It serves as a digital marketplace where consumers can discover and support a wide range of products and services offered by black entrepreneurs. By providing a centralized platform, TOBWSMM aims to empower and uplift black businesses, helping to create economic opportunities and foster success.

The Greenwood Women’s Business Center

In addition to TOBWSMM, the documentary will also highlight The Greenwood Women’s Business Center. This organization focuses on supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs within the Greenwood District. Through mentorship programs, educational resources, and networking opportunities, the Greenwood Women’s Business Center aims to nurture and promote the success of women-owned businesses.

Preserving History for Future Generations

The filming of ‘Black Wall Street Forever: The Story of the Greenwood District and the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc.’ is an important step in preserving the history of the Greenwood District and ensuring that future generations are aware of its significance. By showcasing the resilience and achievements of the African-American community, this documentary will shed light on a chapter of history that has often been overlooked or forgotten. The band “Upscale Smoke” draws a crowd with their live performance of R&B hits from current and past.


As HBO continues to film on Greenwood, it is essential to recognize the importance of The Original Black Wall Street Merchant Marketplace, The Greenwood Women’s Business Center, and the efforts being made to commemorate the history of the Greenwood District. Through initiatives like these, the spirit of Black Wall Street lives on, inspiring and empowering black entrepreneurs both locally and nationally.

A Special Musical Tribute Honoring Ronnie J. Wilson at the Historic Big 10 Ballroom

Join us on November 4th, 2023, from 6 pm to 10 pm at the Historic Big 10 Ballroom for a special tribute honoring the late Ronnie J. Wilson, the founder of the legendary Gap Band. This event is brought to you by the Historic Big 10 Ballroom and Linda Wilson.

The Gap Band, known for their hit songs like ‘You Dropped a Bomb on Me’ and ‘Outstanding,’ has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Ronnie J. Wilson’s vision and talent paved the way for the band’s success, and it is only fitting to pay tribute to this esteemed musician.

Headlining the event will be R&B artists’ Yarborough & Peeples performing their hit song  “Don’t Stop the Music” and other musicians who have been influenced by the Gap Band’s music. They will come together to perform some of the band’s greatest hits, celebrating the legacy of Ronnie J. Wilson.

Attending this tribute will be an opportunity to reminisce and honor the incredible contributions Ronnie J. Wilson made to the world of music. It will be a night filled with soulful performances, heartfelt speeches, and a chance to connect with fellow music enthusiasts.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event! Come and celebrate the life and music of Ronnie J. Wilson at the Historic Big 10 Ballroom. Tickets are limited, so make sure to secure yours early.

The Big 10 Ballroom is located at 1624 E Apache St., Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Discover the New Signature Grooming Lounge: The Ultimate Destination for Braiding Services

Welcome to the Signature Grooming Lounge, the newly transformed establishment that continues to showcase ChiChi Jones’ exceptional braiding talent. Formerly known as the Debinar Barber Den, this vibrant space has relocated to 8218 E 71st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering a fresh and inviting environment for all.

Upon stepping into the Signature Grooming Lounge, you’ll immediately notice the bright and open space that exudes cleanliness and a delightful scent. The revamped lounge provides an ideal setting for ChiChi’s trendy braiding services, making her the sole braider among the talented barbers.

As an exciting upgrade, ChiChi now offers braiding hair to eliminate the inconvenience of dashing to the beauty supply store before your appointment, which is available for most services. With this convenient service, you can effortlessly achieve your desired braided style without any extra hassle.

To make your experience even more convenient, you are encouraged to book your appointment at the Signature Grooming Lounge online. Simply visit their website at, where you can easily schedule your desired time slot.

At the Signature Grooming Lounge, they take pride in providing exceptional service to their valued customers. Whether you’re looking for a stylish haircut, a perfectly groomed beard, or a stunning braided hairstyle, a team of experts are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Their mission is to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and leaves with a renewed sense of confidence. The Signature Grooming Lounge is not just a place for grooming; it’s a space where you can relax, unwind, and indulge in a moment of self-care.

With ChiChi’s braiding expertise, you can explore an array of stunning styles that showcase your unique personality. From intricate cornrows to elegant box braids, ChiChi’s creativity knows no bounds. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your hair.

Not only does ChiChi offer exceptional braiding services, but she also provides top-quality braiding hair. By sourcing the finest hair products, ChiChi ensures that your braids will look flawless and last longer. Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting down the perfect hair and let ChiChi take care of everything for you.

At the Signature Grooming Lounge, they understand that your hair is an essential part of your identity. That’s why they prioritize your satisfaction above all else. The team’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence will leave you with a hairstyle that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression.

So, whether you’re a loyal customer of the Debinar Barber Den or new to the Signature Grooming Lounge, you’re invited to experience the exceptional braiding services offered by ChiChi Jones. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey towards a stylish and confident new you.

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Promote Your Business on The Greenwood Beat – WFPG

Consistently marketing your business is crucial for its success. In today’s digital age, it’s important to advertise your business on various platforms to reach a wider audience. One great platform to consider is The Greenwood Beat – WFPG, a black-owned, women-owned radio station in Oklahoma.

The Greenwood Beat has a strong digital presence, reaching not only local markets but also audiences throughout the US and internationally. With a focus on Tulsa, particularly the historic Greenwood district, people are actively seeking out black-owned businesses. By advertising on The Greenwood Beat, you can tap into this growing market and connect with potential customers.

Although The Greenwood Beat is primarily a digital radio station, they also promote their station through print, radio, social media, and larger radio networks and markets. This multi-channel approach ensures that their message reaches a wide range of listeners.

Advertising on The Greenwood Beat is also affordable, with spots starting as low as $10. This makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a small startup or an established company. In addition to radio advertising, The Greenwood Beat also offers digital marketing services, giving you even more opportunities to promote your business.

If you’re interested in advertising on The Greenwood Beat or would like more information, you can email them at

Valarie Harding and WallStreet Band to Headline the 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally

The Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GCC) is thrilled to announce that Valarie Harding and WallStreet Band will be the headliner for opening night of The 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show. This highly anticipated event, which is set to take place Save the date! Join us from October 13th through 15th, 2023 for an exciting event. Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to see you there! This event promises to be a celebration of unity, brotherhood, and empowerment.

Valarie Harding is an incredibly talented artist who has captivated audiences around the world with her powerful vocals and soulful performances. With a unique blend of R&B, funk, and rock, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Alongside her is the WallStreet Band, a group of exceptionally talented musicians who are known for their electrifying stage presence and energetic performances.

The 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show is the inaugural annual event hosted by GCC that will bring together motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life to celebrate the rich history and culture of the Million Man March and Greenwood. It serves as a platform to promote unity, camaraderie, and social change within the motorcycle community. The event features a variety of activities including live music, motorcycle exhibitions, food vendors, and much more.

With Valarie Harding and WallStreet Band headlining the opening night, attendees can expect an unforgettable experience. Their dynamic performances will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Don’t miss out on this incredible event! Mark your calendars for October 13 – 15th, 2023, and join us for a day of excitement, entertainment, and camaraderie. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements regarding Rally.

Have you registered? To register for access to the VIP areas, please click HERE to register. Also, bike show registration and vendor and food truck opportunities are available!

Bike Show

Do you have the BADDEST bike around? PROVE IT at The 28th Anniversary of the Million Man March Motorcycle Rally & Bike Show presented by the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bike Show is scheduled for Sunday, October 15, 2023.

Entry Fee – $20 per bike, per category. Prizes for each category: 1st – Bragging Rights, Trophy & $250 Cash; 2nd – Trophy $100 Cash; and 3rd – Award & $50 Cash


Category One: Original

Category Two: Custom

Category Three: Modified




Food Trucks

For more information email:


The Greenwood Beat: CEO’s Night Out Meets Inspiration and Success

The Greenwood Beat – WFPG: CEO’s Night Out Meets Inspiration and Success

Every second Saturday of the month, a unique and empowering event takes place in the heart of Greenwood. CEO’s Night Out, in collaboration with Katina Walker, brings together a diverse group of CEOs for an evening of refreshment, inspiration, and invaluable knowledge sharing. These CEO’s, from various industries and backgrounds, gather to learn from each other and the featured presenter, leaving with newfound insights and a sense of camaraderie.

CEO’s Night Out Meets The Greenwood Beat’s CEO’s Night Out, as it has come to be known, is more than just a networking event or a typical business gathering. It is a platform where CEOs can delve into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs that are often left unmentioned in textbooks and business seminars. The informal setting allows for open and candid discussions, enabling participants to learn from real-life stories and gain practical wisdom that cannot be found in any manual.

Sharing Experiences and Wins

One of the highlights of CEO’s Night Out is the opportunity for CEOs to share their experiences and wins with their fellow leaders. Each month a different CEO’s presents their journey, shares knowledge and their expertise, highlighting the lessons they have learned along the way. These personal accounts of success and failure are not only enlightening but also serve as a source of motivation for others.

From overcoming industry-specific challenges to navigating the complexities of managing a team, the stories shared during CEO’s Night Out cover a wide range of topics. The diversity of perspectives ensures that attendees gain a well-rounded understanding of the multifaceted nature of leadership.

Learning from the Featured Speaker

Following the CEO’s presentation, the event continues with a question and answer session with the featured speaker. Renowned experts, industry leaders, and successful entrepreneurs share their knowledge and provide valuable insights. This interactive segment allows CEOs to engage directly with the presenter, seeking advice, clarification, and further inspiration.

The topics covered by the featured speakers are carefully selected to address the most pressing issues faced by CEOs in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. From innovative strategies for growth to effective leadership techniques, attendees leave CEO’s Night Out equipped with practical tools and a renewed sense of purpose.

The Power of Networking

In addition to the formal presentations, CEO’s Night Out offers CEOs a chance to connect and build relationships with like-minded professionals. The informal setting encourages networking, fostering a supportive community where CEOs can seek guidance, partnerships, and even lifelong friendships.

Through networking, CEOs discover new opportunities, gain exposure to different industries, and broaden their perspectives. The connections made at CEO’s Night Out often extend beyond the event itself, leading to collaborations, joint ventures, and a strengthened professional network.

Continuing the Soaring Success

CEO’s Night Out with Katina Walker and The Greenwood Beat have been a resounding success in empowering CEOs and fostering a sense of community. The ongoing collaboration promises to continue soaring to new heights, bringing together CEOs from all walks of life to share, learn, and grow.

If you are a CEO looking to expand your horizons and gain insights from fellow leaders, CEO’s Night Out and The Greenwood Beat are events you cannot afford to miss. Join us on the second Saturday of each month and embark on a journey of inspiration, knowledge, and success!

For more information email: